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Ningbo SAIVS machinery Co., Ltd founded in 2002, the company is located in Ningbo, an international port city on the east coast of China, it is a high-tech enterprise dedicated to R&D, production, sales and service. The existing office and production space of 40,000 square meters, the company has advanced production processing equipments, complete inspection, measurement and testing equipments, The company introduces high-quality engineers and technical workers, it is committed to providing innovative, efficient and reliable products, solutions and services for users around the world.

Welcome to the SAIVS Industrial Automation Parts Division!

At the SAIVS Industrial Automation Parts Division, our operations are driven by a streamlined process and product structure, encompassing six specialized workshops: Organic Processing, Automatic Grinding, Centerless Grinding, Linear Guide Production, Heat Treatment, and Assembly. This holistic approach employs a diverse array of cutting-edge machining techniques, including various grinding methods, high-frequency heat treatment, stamping, rolling, polishing, malleable casting, injection molding, welding, adhesion, and precise constant temperature baking. Our extensive inventory of advanced technology and equipment allows us to effectively address the unique production requirements of our global clientele.

We are deeply committed to innovation and precision in all aspects of our work. Our design and development processes are anchored by CAD 2D and 3D capabilities, ensuring meticulous attention to detail. Every product and component adheres to stringent standardized production and management protocols, closely aligned with the exacting ISO 9001 quality management system. Leveraging the comprehensive implementation of ERP enterprise management software, we optimize efficiency and facilitate robust management practices. Our unwavering dedication to security is demonstrated by our meticulous internal management system, which encompasses access control, attendance tracking, and consumption monitoring.

As we embark on a journey of continuous growth and progress, we stand on the cusp of establishing an enterprise measurement standardization and provincial research and development center. This strategic endeavor not only aims to elevate the quality and reliability of our offerings but also positions us as trailblazers in the regional industry. Our unwavering commitment to advancing the boundaries of development and innovation remains at the forefront of our mission.

Our visionary goal is to establish a prominent presence as the foremost brand in irregular loop oscillating motion linear transmission. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, we aspire to become China's premier OEM factory for linear guide rails. Our extensive range of high-quality options is designed to cater to a diverse spectrum of requirements, embodying our dedication to delivering unparalleled solutions.

Join us at the SAIVS Industrial Automation Parts Division, where innovation, precision, and progress converge to shape the future of industrial automation.

The company has established and owns a complete quality management system, obtained ISO/TS16949, ISO9001:2015 quality management system, ISO14000 environmental management system, OHSAS18001 safety management system and CE certificates etc.

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SAIVS always adhere to the mission of "striving to be the leader of the industry". "win-win cooperation", "collaborative innovation", "quality first" and "customer first" are the core values adhered to by the company. Inspired by the corporate mission and values, we continue to provide high-quality products and first-class services to users around the world.

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